Who I Want to Have Dinner With, Alive or Dead

Three people you’d invite to dinner

Hey friends,

In today’s post I’m talking about my ideal dinner party guests.

These are three people who I’d most love to have dinner with, if given the chance.

Taylor Swift

If you haven’t caught onto this already, I love Taylor!

She is one of my all-time favorite writers and I think she’s both very smart and talented.

I would love to just have a normal conversation with her and pick her brain on the common interests we share, such as writing and finding true love.

My father-in-law

My husband’s dad passed away before I got the chance to meet him, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to just sit and talk with him.

Based on the stories I’ve heard about him and how loved he was by those who knew him, I know he was a sharp, kind, and all-around wonderful person.

He will always be on the top of my list as far as people I wish I’d met in my lifetime.

Zelda Fitzgerald

It’s hard to decide who gets this third spot, but I need to give it to Zelda.

I am so fascinated by the lives and relationship of the Fitzgeralds, and though I prefer Scott’s writing out of the two, I think I would rather meet his wife.

She seems to have been such a headstrong and interesting woman, even if the face of everything she dealt with.

I’d love to hear their stories from her point of view, and see what she was really like in person.

This post is about who I’d like to have dinner with, dead or alive, but I really just chose the three people I want to spend time with the most.

All three of the people I mentioned above are people I admire and who I feel could teach me a lot about life and love.

Even if I will never get the chance to know these people, I’m lucky enough to have their words and the legacies they left/will leave behind to inform and inspire me.

Thanks for reading this post. I’m excited for tomorrow’s, since it will mark the halfway point of my April blogging challenge!

See you then. 😊♥️

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Top Picks: Spring Shoes

Hi everyone,

Spring is finally upon us and I’m excited to change up my wardrobe a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter and the snow, but I tend to buy a lot of warmer-weather clothes in the offseason and it’s nice to be able to finally show them off.

In addition to new Spring clothes, I’ve got plenty of Spring shoes to wear and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

All of these are pretty cheap, which is always a plus in my book! I’ve included links for everything below the pictures.


This is actually the first pair of espadrilles I’ve bought for myself in years, and I’m excited to wear them all Spring/Summer.

When I purchased these online, I didn’t notice the sparkled heel (does this happen to anyone else when online shopping, or is it just me who fails to look closely enough at the pictures?) but it was a nice surprise when I unboxed these because I really like that extra detail.

The neutral pink of these shoes can go with many different outfits, and because of their style and extra sparkle they work well with both dressy and casual looks.


You have probably seen these Nikes all over my Instagram and even in some pictures on my blog.

I love the unique color of them and they are so comfortable.

I can’t recommend these sneakers enough and they are available in a variety of fun color combinations.


As I mentioned in my Intro post, I definitely have an edgy side when it comes to my style.

I love anything with skulls, studs, or spikes, so I love that these sandals combine a bow with cute little spikes.

I also love the unique color of these and wore them constantly on my honeymoon in Hawaii a few months ago.


This is another flat sandal that’s more plain but looks really nice with a summer dress.

These shoes are definitely a great Spring or Summer staple and (as you can see a little bit in the picture) I’ve already been giving them plenty of use.


A heeled sandal is a great way to dress up any outfit.

I included these shoes in my February Sales Haul post but wanted to mention them here again because I think they’re so pretty and versatile.

The block heel is also great because it’s easier to walk in and doesn’t make my feet hurt like other heels often do.


These lavender pumps are beautiful in any season, but the color is especially perfect for Spring.

I’m already thinking about what outfit I can pair these with for Easter, but I’ll undoubtedly find other events to wear them to all season long because of the pretty, light color. Bonus—they have a slightly padded sole so they’re very comfortable.

I’ve tried to include a variety of shoe types rather than just all sandals or sneakers, even though that is what I gravitate towards most often.

The fun thing about fashion is that there are so many ways to change it up and every day or activity is an opportunity to wear something new or different. 

Are there any new Spring shoes you’re excited to wear, or any old ones that you bring back every year?

Comment below to let me know your favorites!

As you probably know by now, I’m always on the lookout for great new styles. 🙂 ❤

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My Best and Worst Traits

Hi everyone,

Part of my goal with this blogging challenge, and this blog in general, is to let you guys get to know me better.

Today I’m taking a look inward and thinking about what my best and worst traits are.

These are based on self-observation, as well as things I’ve heard from others time and time again.

It’s not easy to point out to an entire virtual universe of strangers what your worst qualities are (or your best ones if you are a modest person), but I’ve done it and I’m ready to share with you all.

My best and worst traits are that I am…

Empathetic: I’ve always been very good at seeing things from other people’s point of views and understanding what others might be feeling.

I think it might be due to the fact that I got interested in reading at a young age, which exposed me to a broad range of emotions and got me used to looking at things through the eyes of so many different storytellers.

I see this as a positive trait because it helps me communicate better with others and sometimes it helps me to know what my loved ones need and exactly when they need it.

I look at empathy as a deep emotional understanding of others, and it’s something that I think is important to develop and use regularly.

Selfless: This is likely driven by my empathy, but I consider myself to be a pretty selfless person.

I enjoy doing things for others and I have no problem sacrificing certain things in my own life if I feel it will make the people I care about happier or better off.

I think another reason why I am able to practice selflessness is because I also have like-minded people in my life who make sure I am taken care of.

A challenge for selfless people is that they get too caught up in making others happy and they forget to check in with themselves or do things to promote their own happiness, so I’m grateful that my husband, family members, and friends look out for me and, therefore, give me the ability to do the same for them.

Driven: I am not really an aggressive person, but I am absolutely a go-getter, and I often refuse to accept limitations.

I used to think this meant I was stubborn, but I’ve found that it’s actually just determination and has helped me get a lot further in terms of my career and my personal relationships.

I’m generally a soft-spoken person, but my drive keeps me from being a doormat or from being passed over for things, as can sometimes happen to quieter people.

Moody: Clearly this is falling into the “worst traits” category.

I try not to let hormones or mood swings affect me, but it can’t be denied. Sometimes I am just plain moody.

I’ve tried to be more conscious about not taking out stress on other people, but I still haven’t mastered controlling my emotions enough to stop this from happening yet.

It’s definitely a challenge and something I’m continuing to work on improving.

Perfectionist: This one isn’t all bad, but it does cause me to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and, at times, others.

I get so obsessed with making sure things are the best they can be that sometimes I push too hard or set unrealistic expectations for myself.

I can’t help but feel like a failure when I don’t execute things flawlessly, but I’m practicing giving myself a bit of a break here and there.

I do think that constantly striving for improvement can be a positive thing, and I try to let my perfectionism feed my drive and make my work better, without letting it completely take over my view of things.

Closed off: I’ve always been a very private person and tend to keep my emotions bottled up inside.

Sometimes I think this helps me because I can keep from getting overly emotional about things, but it can also be really bad when I let things build up too much and try to handle the burden of everything I’m dealing with completely on my own.

I’ve actually been forcing myself to open up more in a work setting, which is something I never thought would be a good idea.

Just this afternoon I opened up to my supervisor for the first time about things that have been bothering me and affecting my attitude at work, and I’m so glad I talked to him about it.

I felt so much better just having gotten these things off my chest and I felt optimistic about the future knowing that my concerns were really being heard.

One thing that I noticed as I was writing this is that a lot of the traits I consider to be my “best” could actually become bad things if taken too far, and a lot of my “worst” traits have benefited me in some way in the past.

I think the key to being a successful, kind, and grounded person is just finding balance within yourself.

Do some self-reflection and be honest with yourself about good and bad traits that you have.

Once you’ve discovered those traits, think of how they can be used to your advantage or how you can challenge yourself to become a better person either because, or in spite of, them.

When I set out to write this post, it was just another item on my list of things to complete this month.

I didn’t think that I’d actually learn about myself, or about the philosophy of who we are as people in general.

I’ve really enjoyed this one and I hope that my insights can be useful or even inspirational to anyone who reads this.

It’s only day 3 of my blogging challenge but I’m now even more excited to keep going with this, because it will be interesting to see how I can grow throughout the process and what I might find out about myself along the way.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see my day 4 post. ❤ 🙂


What’s In My Purse

Hi all,

It’s day 2 of April and also of my blogging challenge! Today’s post: What’s in my purse. 

I change which purse I’m using a LOT, so I try to only keep the essentials with me. 

I probably have a lot less in my purse than the average woman, but it works for me. 

Here’s the purse I’m currently using most often and everything I’ve got inside! (Feel free to click on the images to purchase any of the items I have inside my purse.)

I have quite the collection of handbags, but Kate Spade is probably the designer whose bags I own the most of.

I usually carry a basic black shoulder bag, and this one is perfect for any outfit or occasion.

Cell phone (of course). I have the iPhone 8 and, although the lack of a headphone jack still annoys me sometimes, I like this phone and am an iPhone girl all the way.

Wallet. I’ve had this Kate spade wallet for years so the logo is starting to wear a bit, but I’ve been really impressed with the durability overall.

It holds a lot of cards and other things, which is great because I have so many, and purple is my favorite color so I love the shade of this of course

Baby Lips. I am SO sad that Baby Lips has been harder and harder to find in stores lately.

My best friend and I are obsessed with it and luckily we bought a tonnn of tubes when it was super popular.

I love Baby Lips because it keeps your lips moist and soft like chapstick, but adds a nice color depending on which one you choose.

My favorite shade is Coral Crave, which is  just slightly pinker than my natural lip color.

It adds a bit of a pop to my lip but still looks natural, so I can wear it no matter where I’m going

Tissues. I try to always keep a travel pack of tissues with me, just in case!

Keys, complete with adorable keychains! My favorite keychain right now is the Funko! Pop Freddy Krueger.

I’m a huge horror fan and this guy is just so adorable.

Sunglasses. It depends on the season, but I have been trying to keep sunglasses with me at all times,since I always seem to be without a pair when I need them most.

This Gucci pair is my favorite; it’s plain enough to go with many outfits but is flattering to the face – a great Christmas present from my brother and his girlfriend.

Hair tie. if you’ve seen my natural hair in some of my Instagram pictures, you’ll understand why I always need to have an emergency hair tie.

With just a little bit of humidity or extra wind my hair can get crazy, so I try to have a hair tie available to get it out of my face (or whatever else I’m doing) when needed.

Excedrin Migraine. I get around 4-5 migraines each month, and some of them can be debilitating.

If I take it early enough, this works really well to get rid of a migraine or at least keep a really bad one down to a dull pain.

I keep bottles of this everywhere: at work, in my other purses, and in my nightstand.

Tide to Go. This is something I’ve just recently added to my bag because it was leftover from my wedding day.

It’s proven to be useful a couple of times already and I can’t believe I wasn’t carrying it before!

What are some must haves that you keep in your bag? Comment below to let me know. Maybe you’ll give some suggestions that I’ll end up adding to my own!

See you back here again tomorrow for another new post! ♥️


April Blogging Challenge and the Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Happy April!

I’m especially excited about this month because I’ve decided to do a blogging challenge.

I haven’t been writing as often as I want to, so I’m holding myself to writing one new blog post every day this month.

I’ve got a specific topic planned out for each day of this month, and this first post is dedicated to the meaning behind my blog name!

So, that being said, I’ll jump right in!

Coming up with the right blog name is tricky, because it needs to represent the writer behind the blog, as well as the content that will be featured on the site. It also should be catchy and memorable.

In order to narrow down potential names for my blog, I decided on the mandatories: I wanted it to have alliteration (the writer in me just demanded it), it had to be something feminine and pretty, and, of course, it needed to speak to who I was and the things I’d be writing about.

I started the blog a few weeks after getting married, and one of the compliments we continuously got about our wedding was how perfectly planned every little detail was.

I’ve always been very detail-oriented, so that seemed like the perfect thing to include in my blog name.

I also, like most girls, tend to like sparkly things.

Again, having just gotten married I had diamonds on my mind, and I just thought the name fit really well!

That’s basically it…being a writer for a long time, I’ve come to find that sometimes the right titles just pop into your head and you know instantly that they fit.

This was the case with my blog name, and although I went back and forth with diamonds and details or details and diamonds, I’m happy with where I landed and I feel like my blog has lived up to its name so far.

Stay tuned for the rest of my April posts; details and diamonds are sure to be included throughout.

What’s the meaning behind your own blog name? Comment below with your story!