30 Day Challenge for Bloggers

Hi all,

I can’t believe a full month has gone by so fast, but this officially marks the end of my 30 day blogging challenge!

I’m not going to lie, it was pretty hard to keep up with posting every day at times.

April has been an insane month at work, which is why some of my posts didn’t go live until late at night during the week!

But I stuck to it, I’m proud of myself, and I learned a lot along the way.

For those of you who are interested in doing your own 30 day blogging challenge, I’ve listed out all 30 post topics below.

To create my list of prompts, I found a few different blogging challenge lists online and chose the posts that seemed most interesting to me.

I sort of Frankensteined them all together and then added some of my own to complete the list. Here it is:

  1. The meaning behind my blog name
  2. Whats in my purse
  3. My best and worst traits
  4. My top picks of Spring shoes (or whatever season is at hand)
  5. My favorite online shopping sites
  6. My favorite tea flavors (or coffee, or any drink, really!)
  7. A post about blogging
  8. How I increased the amount of books I read in a year
  9. Whats in my carry-on
  10. 10 random songs from my music library
  11. Zodiac sign and whether it matches my personality
  12. My favorite quotes (I did my favorite feel-good quotes, because it’s too hard to pick favorite quotes in general)
  13. My favorite comfort foods (I added recipe links, as well)
  14. Who I’d have dinner with alive or dead
  15. 10 things about me
  16. My top picks of leopard print (or any trend of your choice)
  17. My top travel destinations
  18. My favorite products for curly/wavy hair
  19. My favorite blogs
  20. Easter outfit inspiration (replace with any relevant holiday)
  21. My daily skincare routine
  22. Work desk essentials
  23. A recipe (I did butter chicken)
  24. Spring reading list (replace with any relevant season)
  25. TV shows to binge watch
  26. My favorite song (I wrote about the message behind Taylor Swift’s new song, ME!)
  27. Tips for saving money
  28. My week in workouts
  29. My most used phone apps
  30. Reflection on the 30 day challenge (this post)

I like this list because it covers a lot of different things—I got personal with a few and discovered things about myself, I covered beauty with my hair and skincare routines, fashion was of course included with outfit inspiration throughout, and then a threw in a few other recipe and work-related posts to round it out.

I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them; I think my favorite ones were the zodiac sign analysis, 10 things about me, and who Id have dinner with, because these really forced me to take a look at myself and get personal with you guys.

Thanks so much for taking this journey with me, and even though I might not continue posting every day for the next month, I’ve still got a lot of fun content planned for future posts. ❤ 🙂

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How to Be a Blogger Without Living on Your Phone

Hi all,

I’ve had this blog for about three months now, and I’ve been enjoying every minute since I started it.

However, running a blog takes a lot of time and effort, and one of my biggest concerns when starting was that it would turn me into one of those people who goes through life with their head constantly tilted down into their phone.

I have no problem putting in the effort; like I said, I really enjoy blogging, but I wanted to make sure that I maintained a balance between writing about my life and actually living it.

I think I’ve done a good job of keeping my blog going without neglecting my real life so far, so I wanted to share some methods I’ve used for running my blog and connected social media accounts while still being present in my day-to-day life.

Here are some ways I’ve been able to manage a blog without spending my whole life on my cell phone (or my laptop).

Set aside time dedicated to blogging, and time dedicated to not blogging.

Since I have a demanding full-time job outside of blogging, I need to make sure I set aside time dedicated to working on my blog and getting the word out about it.

I wake up a little earlier each morning so that I’ll have time to work on the blog and social media accounts that I have connected to it.

Then, when I get home from work, I’ll do some additional writing before dinner.

Late at night, when I’m relaxing in bed and watching TV, I’ll stay active on my Instagram and Pinterest accounts in order to make sure my blog has the highest possible visibility.

I try to stay off my phone during the day while I’m at work, when I’m spending time out with family and friends, or when I’m having meals. 

Because I have dedicated time to work on my blog in the morning and late at night I don’t have to be as stressed during the day knowing that I am taking some time away from it to do other things.

Use the proper resources to help run your blog.

There are so many resources available to bloggers these days, so I would certainly recommend taking advantage of them.

Apps like Tailwind can schedule posts on Instagram, for example.

So you can plan out your post when you do have time or want to be on your phone, and then have it post automatically at a time later in the day without needing to be on your phone to actually post it.

WordPress allows you to do something similar; we are all probably familiar with the post scheduling option.

When I have more time in the mornings or at night I write my posts and then schedule them to post later in the day at a more highly trafficked time.

Make your screen time as productive as possible.

Before starting my blog I used to spend a lot of time on personal social media accounts.

Now that I do have the blog, I have made it my top priority, which means I spend much less time active on other forms of social media.

When I set aside time to work on my blog, I try to avoid distractions or browsing on other sites.

This keeps me on track and helps me not to add extra amounts of unnecessary screen time.

So yes, since starting my blog I have ironically been less active on social media according to my personal accounts like Facebook and Snapchat, but I actually feel that this has been an improvement in my life.

Even since starting my blog, weekly notifications from my phone state that my total screen time has been going decreasing each week.

It has become a personal goal of mine to keep weekly screen time as low while still giving my blog enough attention and keeping my more relevant social media accounts as active as possible.

I am not yet at the point where blogging has brought me financial gain, but I am still serious about it and consider it a form of a job.

Just like with any job, you have to know when to unplug or to step away in order to still have a personal life.

Even though my blog is centered on lifestyle, it’s still important for me to have a work/life balance.

And with a job in the advertising industry plus blogging in my free time, it’s as challenging, yet as crucial, as ever for me not to let work take over my life.

That is why it’s so important for me and, in my opinion, for other bloggers to reduce the amount of time we spend on our phones or laptops.

With a whole world of readers and peers out there, it’s easy to get pulled in and to spend your whole life on the Internet, but I don’t think this is the best way to live.

What makes our lives so interesting and gives us the experience we need to write compelling stories is what we are doing every day, not just what we say about it.

So make sure you take some time every day to shut out the word on the other side of the screen, and make new memories involving the people and the places you love the most.

Happy reading, writing, and living.

I’ll see you next time. 🙂 ❤


April Blogging Challenge and the Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Happy April!

I’m especially excited about this month because I’ve decided to do a blogging challenge.

I haven’t been writing as often as I want to, so I’m holding myself to writing one new blog post every day this month.

I’ve got a specific topic planned out for each day of this month, and this first post is dedicated to the meaning behind my blog name!

So, that being said, I’ll jump right in!

Coming up with the right blog name is tricky, because it needs to represent the writer behind the blog, as well as the content that will be featured on the site. It also should be catchy and memorable.

In order to narrow down potential names for my blog, I decided on the mandatories: I wanted it to have alliteration (the writer in me just demanded it), it had to be something feminine and pretty, and, of course, it needed to speak to who I was and the things I’d be writing about.

I started the blog a few weeks after getting married, and one of the compliments we continuously got about our wedding was how perfectly planned every little detail was.

I’ve always been very detail-oriented, so that seemed like the perfect thing to include in my blog name.

I also, like most girls, tend to like sparkly things.

Again, having just gotten married I had diamonds on my mind, and I just thought the name fit really well!

That’s basically it…being a writer for a long time, I’ve come to find that sometimes the right titles just pop into your head and you know instantly that they fit.

This was the case with my blog name, and although I went back and forth with diamonds and details or details and diamonds, I’m happy with where I landed and I feel like my blog has lived up to its name so far.

Stay tuned for the rest of my April posts; details and diamonds are sure to be included throughout.

What’s the meaning behind your own blog name? Comment below with your story!