My Most Used Phone Apps

Hey everyone,

Today I want to talk about my most used phone applications, including the ones that I use most for blogging as well as in my personal life.

I do try to limit my screen time, but like most other people today, I am on my phone a lot.

The cool thing is, there are so many apps that help with productivity and tracking progress, and that’s what most of my frequently used apps help me with.

Here’s a list of my go-tos and what I love about them.

Notes – The notes app is standard on iPhones and I’m sure there’s an equivalent on other phones, as well.

As a writer, I use the Notes app to take down random ideas or inspiration all the time.

I use Siri to create notes while I’m driving so i won’t lose a good thought, and I even write some blog posts on here while on the go and then transfer them to my laptop to add into WordPress when I’m ready to finalize and post.

This app is free and easy to use, and is continuously getting more advanced, which I think is pretty cool for a standard phone app.

Image result for instagram app icon

Instagram – As much as I complain about social media, I do love Instagram.

I like being able to see little snippets of people’s lives and am always surprised by the photography skills of some of my friends and acquaintances.

I like Instagram better than other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. I feel lien people just use those to complain or be nasty to others these days, and it’s a little easier to ignore that stuff on Instagram.

I also just like posting and browsing pictures of outfits and other lifestyle inspiration that people I follow post.

I definitely have not had as much time as usual for Instagram lately, but I do enjoy using it for both blogging and personal purposes.

Image result for goodreads app icon

Goodreads – Those of you who read regularly are probably familiar with this app, but if you aren’t then you should definitely check it out! 

Goodreads is an awesome community, reading tracker, and review system for readers all rolled into one.

It allows you to rate books you read and see ratings from others if you’re considering a book.

It allows you to keep lists (i.e., shelves) of your read, to be read, and currently reading titles and has challenges that you can set for yourself; Goodreads is what I used to track my 50 book reading challenge last year.

Another cool thing about Goodreads is that a lot of authors get involved with it, so I’ll occasionally get emails about virtual Q&A sessions with my favorite writers or other updates directly from them.

Image result for nike+ run club app icon

Nike+ Run Club – I’ve been using this app for almost 10 years and, although it has changed a lot over time, it’s still my favorite run tracking app.

I find it super easy to use, plus it has all of my running data (and all of my PRs) from throughout the years.

My favorite feature on the app is that your friends can send you “cheers” in real time when you go on a run and you literally hear cheering cut into your headphones at random times throughout your workout.

It’s so fun and motivating.

Image result for shoptagr app icon

Shoptagr – I recommended this in a previous post about saving money while shopping, and I still think it’s such a great app to have.

I hate paying full price for things, so if I see something I really like I save it on the app (super easy to do once you download it) and I get notifications about it from then on!

The app notifies you if something is low in stock/out of stock, back in stock, and on sale.

I just got some great new shoes this weekend because the app notified me that they finally went on sale; I may have had to wait a couple of weeks, but I got the exact pair of shoes I wanted without having to pay full price for them.

Ebates – This is another app I wrote about in my save while shopping post, and have buzzed to my family and friends about for a couple of years now.

Ebates is an app that you use to shop, or a browser extension you can add, that track what you buy and gives you cash back on purchases from qualifying stores.

It’s a free and easy way to get additional discounts on things you want to buy!

Those shoes I mentioned buying this weekend? I got them for 30% off from Macy’s thanks to Shoptagr notifying me that there was a sale, and then got an additional 10% cash back from Ebates.

All of that discount came just from downloading a couple of apps on my phone…so awesome.

PicMonkey – So, I prefer to keep it as real as possible whenever possible, but sometimes you have to do a little photo editing for your blog.

My editing app of choice is PicMonkey, which I found by reading through a few lists of the best apps for bloggers.

It was an app that I had to buy in the app store; the only one on this list that requires payment, but it wasn’t expensive and it’s been useful to me since starting this blog.

The app is great for adjusting lighting, color, and adding some cool filters or effects

Image result for pinterest app icon

Pinterest – I can’t even count the number of amazing tips I have found on Pinterest, especially while planning my wedding.

Between my husband and I building a house, me being a Matron of Honor for my sister, and me constantly needing creative stimulation for my job, Pinterest has been a bottomless well of information and inspiration for me.

I can get caught up and spend hours poring through all of the great posts and pins, but my favorite thing about Pinterest is that I’m not just killing time on it, I’m actually finding things that will help me with what’s going on in my life.

There are a bunch more apps that I use regularly, but I think seven is a good amount to highlight for now.

All of these help me be productive in some way, and I’m happy to know that a lot of the time I spend on my phone is used to get things done.

It’s so important to relax and be able to do things that you enjoy, but it’s also important to spend the necessary time on your responsibilities.

It’s all about balance, and I’m glad that my cell phone and the apps that I use every day help me find a balance between work and play. ❤ 🙂


My Favorite Blogs

Hi friends,

For today’s post, I want to share three of my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogs.

I’ve followed these bloggers for a while and they were a big part of my inspiration to start my own blog.

Their blogs have great content, I love their style, and they are so personable.

1. Little Blonde Book

My favorite thing about Little Blonde Book (Taylor) is how real she is.

She is beautiful and has great style, but she also isn’t afraid to share videos where she isn’t wearing makeup or even when she’s sick.

I feel like a lot of blogs are so fake, so I enjoy seeing a lot of her “behind the scenes” moments and just feel that she’s very relatable.

2. Champagne and Chanel

Champagne and Chanel is one of the most popular bloggers I’ve come across on social media, and it’s not hard to see why.

I’ve never met or spoken to her, but she just seems so sweet and genuine.

I love her style too (of course) and she posts a lot of great content every day!

3. 1st and 10

I found 1st and 10 (Meg) through a google search when I was trying to find information about the best way to start my blog.

In addition to a cool style and interesting content, she has a lot of great posts and resources for bloggers on her site!

Who are your favorite bloggers? I love to read others’ posts and see what they’re up to on Instagram.

It’s great for inspiration, plus I just love supporting other bloggers out there because we all share the same passion.

Comment below with your favorite blogs so that I can find even more to visit regularly! ♥️😊


10 Things About Me

Hi friends,

It’s April 15, which means I’m officially halfway through my 30 day blogging challenge!

I’ve been having so much fun writing these daily posts, and it’s been great having something to hold me to writing every single day.

For today’s post, I’m going to share some personal things about myself; these are things that a lot of people in my personal life know well, but things that may not have come up yet on my blog.

Let’s dive right in!

1. I love anything horror-related.

I’ve been watching slasher films since I was 6 years old, reading Stephen King since I was 11, and attending horror conventions since I was in college.

I don’t really get scared of any of this stuff, but I find it fascinating.

I’ve always been interested in dark and spooky things, and I love skulls, halloween, and anything that makes others squirm in their seats.

At my old office job, I used to dress up in elaborate horror costumes, and I won the contest for Scariest Costume all three years that I worked there.

I’m super excited for the Fall to come so I can share more horror-related posts with you guys, but you may see some before then because it’s just too far away for me to wait!

2. I was a dancer for 17 years.

Ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical, you name it.

I started dancing when I was 5 and stopped attending classes regularly when I was 22.

I never really wanted to stop, but most dance schools are for high school age or lower, and once I graduated college I could no longer take classes there, either.

I’ll still stop by my old dance studio once in a while, especially since my sister is now a teacher there, but dancing was something that I always felt naturally good at and had a lot of confidence in.

I’ll always miss practicing and performing on a regular basis.

3. My dream is to be an author.

I’ve been writing stories since I was in kindergarten, and I’ve been trying to write books since I was a teenager.

There is one particular novel I just started working on again, which I started when I was 22.

It’s a daunting task trying to write a full novel, and most of the time my self-doubt and fear of failure keep me from progressing as quickly as I should, but I’m working through that and am determined to finish this thing before I turn 30…which is in 10 months.

So hopefully I can actually hold myself to that..

4. I ran my first ever marathon in 2018.

I’ve been running for sport since I was 14 and ran the 200 meter, 400 meter, and 4×4 relay on my high school track team.

Once I graduated high school and started training to play college field hockey, my short runs turned into long distance ones.

After I stopped playing organized sports, I continued running 4-6 miles a day to keep in shape and to help release some of the stress I faced in everyday life.

Soon after I started working full time I decided to get back into running competitively, and signed up for some 5k races.

I eventually realized I wanted to run more, and started training for my first full marathon.

My dream was to run the NYC Marathon–racing throughout the five boroughs of my favorite city in the world, running the same course that legends would pound through mere hours before me.

I started training without doing enough research or taking care of my body, and I eventually got hurt.

That one injury cost me three full years of my running life, because it turned into a chronic condition that would put my running at a complete halt every time I felt like I was building up stamina again.

In December 2017 I had surgery to remove an accessory bone from my ankle, did rehab and trained smart for all of 2018, and on November 4, 2018 I completed the NYC Marathon with my family, friends, and fiancé cheering me on along the way.

To say it was a magical experience for me is a complete understatement; being able to accomplish something I’d wanted for so long, and finally crossing that finish line knowing how much I had to go through to get there, was life changing.

5. I love to cook and bake.

I mentioned in a previous post that my mom is a former chef, so she always taught me how to make things as I was growing up.

When I got older and started to cook for myself, I got even more interested in learning how to make different dishes, and discovered I have a passion for baking as well.

I’m still learning a lot when it comes to cooking and baking, but I’m getting more comfortable and have even created one of my own recipes, which is a big hit with my friends and family!

Once our house is done being built, I’m planning to work on my culinary skills even more, but I promise not to wait that long before sharing more recipe posts with you guys.

6. I have always been obsessed with love.

Since I was a little girl I was always interested in true love and relationships, and anything romantic made me feel all dreamy.

I had a few bad relationships in high school and college, which I attribute to me wanting to find the real thing so badly that I jumped into things before taking the time to wait and see if they were actually right for me and my life.

I’ve written a lot about love, and read a lot about it as well; most of my favorite songs are about finding, losing, or wanting love.

When I was 25 I was lucky enough to finally meet the soul mate I had been searching for, and now that I have that dream relationship, had the dream wedding, and am living my Happily Ever After, I have to say, it’s even better than I hoped it would be.

You would think that after I spent my entire life building up true love there wouldn’t be anything real that could possibly meet my expectations, but luckily for me, that’s not true.

It sounds cliché but I’m so glad my past relationships didn’t work out; I’m so grateful for my past heartbreaks and let-downs, because I truly believe they led me to find my perfect match.

My husband and the love that he gives me are straight out of a storybook (well, our own quirky version of one) and I believe that anyone can find this type of happiness if they have enough patience and determination to stick it out and wait for the right person.

7. I’ve donated more than three gallons of blood in my lifetime.

They used to hold blood drives at my high school, and my best friend and I got into the idea of donating whenever possible.

It was an easy way for us to help others and to feel like we were making a difference in the world, so we started paying attention to when blood drives were happening in our town and going together.

There were plenty of times I was turned away due to low iron levels and one time when I didn’t weigh enough, but after donating consistently for years I’m now up to the equivalent of three gallons of blood, and I’m really proud of that.

I admittedly have taken a much too lengthy break from donating lately, and need to get back to it; so that’s probably another thing I’ll be working on in the immediate future.

8. I have a serious fear of heights.

Those who aren’t afraid of heights never seem to understand, but those who are know what I’m talking about.

Whenever I am high up or close to the edge of something (even if it’s just a second floor balcony) my body kind of goes into panic mode and I get terrified.

I think of this as a more physical fear than a mental one, because, logically, I know I am fine and safe, but my body just starts to freak out.

My husband does not understand this at all; in fact, he’s an adrenaline junkie and loves being up high.

I’ve tried many times to get over this fear or to force myself to do things that scare me so I’ll get used to it, but nothing seems to work.

I’ll just have to keep braving it and dealing with the weird physical symptoms that occur whenever I’m high up.

9. I never want to stop learning.

One of my favorite things about my job is that I’m constantly learning new things.

Things are constantly changing in the world of advertising, so you have to stay informed if you’re going to keep up.

In addition to that, I work in pharmaceutical advertising, so every new account I get assigned to means delving into the science behind a disease, disorder, or condition that affects the human race.

I always loved school growing up, and if I could take classes and learn new things for the rest of my life, I would absolutely do it.

One thing that’s kind of ironic is that I hated science while I was in school; I had the option not to take it my Senior Year of high school and opted out, but now I find the science–related part of my job to be the most interesting part.

10. I’m quiet, but that doesn’t mean I’m a pushover.

Whenever I meet someone they always, almost immediately, make a comment about how quiet I am.

I am not generally a talkative person; I’m more of a listener and always have been.

However, sometimes people see that I don’t speak up often and they assume that means I can’t.

Those people are wrong.

People are often surprised to find that not only do I have a backbone, I also have a voice.

And since I use that voice so sparingly, when I do use it everyone listens.

I’ve always expressed myself through writing, dance, and my affections towards other people, and I find it very hard to just talk to others casually.

When I’m conversing with someone it means something to me, and I’m very good at having open, deeply emotional conversations with people; yet somehow I suck at making small talk.

It’s even harder in today’s world because so many people are interested in discussing shallow things, or negative things, or other people, and I’m not interested in any of that stuff.

This isn’t me being condescending; if anything, I usually feel self-conscious about my inability to relate to others my age regardless of what age I am.

But when I feel that I or someone I care about is being wronged or taken advantage of, I do not hold my tongue nor do I hold back.

I trust my instincts and my point of view, and if I feel something isn’t right, I’m not too shy or scared to say something.

I’m also not afraid to stand up for myself or bite back when someone takes a verbal swing at me, but I always keep it classy, of course. 🙂

Well, there you have it…10 things about me.

I hope this was at least half as amusing for you to read as it was for me to write.

Most of the above speak to things I’m passionate about, and I enjoy how freeing it feels to be honest about who I am here.

This blog has given me an opportunity to share my views and myself with the wold. And so have you.

Thanks for being here. On to day 16 tomorrow! ❤


Who I Want to Have Dinner With, Alive or Dead

Three people you’d invite to dinner

Hey friends,

In today’s post I’m talking about my ideal dinner party guests.

These are three people who I’d most love to have dinner with, if given the chance.

Taylor Swift

If you haven’t caught onto this already, I love Taylor!

She is one of my all-time favorite writers and I think she’s both very smart and talented.

I would love to just have a normal conversation with her and pick her brain on the common interests we share, such as writing and finding true love.

My father-in-law

My husband’s dad passed away before I got the chance to meet him, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to just sit and talk with him.

Based on the stories I’ve heard about him and how loved he was by those who knew him, I know he was a sharp, kind, and all-around wonderful person.

He will always be on the top of my list as far as people I wish I’d met in my lifetime.

Zelda Fitzgerald

It’s hard to decide who gets this third spot, but I need to give it to Zelda.

I am so fascinated by the lives and relationship of the Fitzgeralds, and though I prefer Scott’s writing out of the two, I think I would rather meet his wife.

She seems to have been such a headstrong and interesting woman, even if the face of everything she dealt with.

I’d love to hear their stories from her point of view, and see what she was really like in person.

This post is about who I’d like to have dinner with, dead or alive, but I really just chose the three people I want to spend time with the most.

All three of the people I mentioned above are people I admire and who I feel could teach me a lot about life and love.

Even if I will never get the chance to know these people, I’m lucky enough to have their words and the legacies they left/will leave behind to inform and inspire me.

Thanks for reading this post. I’m excited for tomorrow’s, since it will mark the halfway point of my April blogging challenge!

See you then. 😊♥️


Four Delicious Comfort Foods

Hi all,

I’m on my way to a late lunch, so thought I’d make today’s post about some of my favorite comfort foods!

I think there are different things that can make something qualify as a comfort food.

It’s not only about the taste or the ingredients; for me, it’s also about the feeling I associate with a certain dish or the memories that arise when I’m eating, or even smelling, it.

Here are four my favorite comfort foods, with some of the best recipes I’ve found linked.

Macaroni and cheese

I think this is a comfort food for most people. I love the five-cheese variation of the recipe linked here.

It’s so gooey, warm, and delicious. My husband requested that I make this for his birthday this year, which was just a couple of weeks ago, and it was just as good as the first time we made it together.

Beef stew

My cousin makes a great stovetop beef stew, but I also love the slow cooker version. This stew reminds me of snow days, and of long afternoons spent at home with the slow cooker on and this cooking in the background. Even though I’ve eaten it on many other occasions, this stew always reminds me of lazy days and the contentment of not having to go anywhere or do anything besides relax and enjoy a good meal.

Loaded potato soup

This is one of my favorite winter meals, but I’ll eat it without a single complaint in the warmer months, too! I love making this at home and it’s just a hearty, tasty meal. I always feel satisfied and the perfect level of full after having this soup.

Penne vodka

This will always be one of my favorite meals.

The best version I’ve had was at a restaurant in the town where my parents live, but sadly it closed a few years ago.

Being Italian and having a former chef as a mother, penne vodka brings back a lot of happy memories for me, and I’m reminded of my family every time I eat it.

I do have my own family vodka sauce recipe, which I will probably post at some point in the future.

Would you be interested in seeing some of my own variations of these yummy comfort foods?

Comment below to let me know what you think.

And I hope you all enjoy this sunny Spring Saturday! 😊☀️♥️

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10 Random Songs from my Music Library

Hey everyone,

It’s day 10 of my April blogging challenge, so I’m going to share 10 random songs from my music library!

I like a lot of different kinds of music, and most of the songs on my phone are from when I was in high school/college, so hopefully a good variety is represented here.

I’m going to put my music on shuffle, write out the first 10 songs that play, and a little bit of background on the song (or band), including a memory that it ties back to for me.

Here we go; I’m writing this in real time so I’ll share whatever comes to mind as the songs play.

I Have You to Thank – Gavin DeGraw

I listened to a lot of Gavin in college, so this song takes me right back.

The lyrics to this song are really sweet, and I’m very much one of those people who judges a song by its lyrics (my husband, for example, cares mostly about the melody and doesn’t even know the words to many of his favorite songs, which blows my mind).

I’ve also always been a huge fan of the show One Tree Hill, so anything by Gavin reminds me of that show’s theme song and the years I spent hearing it introducing (almost) every episode.

2nd Sucks – A Day to Remember

I LOVE this song. I’m a big fan of screamo, and this song hits hard right from the beginning.

The lyrics to this one are definitely more aggressive, but they’re also smart and I love listening to this song when I’m working out or even if I’m just in a bad mood and need to let off some steam.

A favorite lyrics from this one is: “Can’t waste my time on hateful people like you / So keep wishing you were me and I’ll keep making you have to.

You Belong with Me – Taylor Swift

I’ve probably said it 20 times by now in various posts, but Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists ever.

I’m one of those annoying people who is absolutely obsessed with her and everything she does, and while most of my favorite songs by her are the lesser-known ones, I can’t deny the catchiness of this classic.

Every time I hear this song I just want to dance around to it, as I have so many times before.

One More Won’t Hurt – Houston Calls

This song brings me right back to senior year of high school, when I used to listen to it all the time.

I don’t get as excited by it anymore, probably because I’ve heard it hundreds of times by now, but I had a great time seeing and meeting Houston Calls back when I was 17, so this song still brings back positive memories for me.

I’m Not Okay – My Chemical Romance

I told you a lot of my songs were older. This is a classic late 2000’s song and, again, is a pleasant reminder of high school days.

I remember listening to this entire album while visiting my cousin in Boston years ago, so hearing this song also reminds me of Massachusetts and my family.

The Story Left Untold – Every Avenue

This song reminds me of dating in my early 20’s and all of the drama that came with it.

The song doesn’t evoke memories of any specific person, but more of the overall apathetic attitude that guys at that age tend to have, and the less-than-desirable way that they tend to treat girls at that time. (Or at least, they did when I was that age.)

Today I am happily married and in love, but I spent my fair share of time chasing after guys who weren’t worth my time, who liked to play games, or who didn’t know what they wanted.

I remember walking around my college campus singing this song with one of my friends, wondering when I would find the right person for me.

I had to wait a few years to actually find him, but he ended up being well worth the wait. 😉

Up All Night – Blink 182

Blink is another all-time favorite for me. I’ve loved this band since I was 12 years old and even though they aren’t together anymore (sorry Matt Skiba, but Blink just isn’t Blink anymore without Tom), I’ll always love them and their music.

Up All Night is from the last full album Mark, Tom, and Travis made together and, like most of the other songs on this album, it’s great.

This song reminds me of the excitement I felt at getting new music from my favorite band, who had broken up for years and then gotten back together to make this album, and it makes me feel a little sad to know that there probably won’t be any more where it came from.

In all fairness, I do like the new album that Mark, Travis, and Matt put out, but seeing them living singing old songs without Tom’s voice just wasn’t the same for me, and their new music is missing part of that trademarked sound that the real Blink 182 always had.

Break Myself – Something Corporate

This was the first Something Corporate song that I remember hearing, and it’s definitely part of what made me fall in love with the band.

I was probably at the end of middle school when I first heard this one, so it reminds me of those, much simpler, times.

I also had the great pleasure of meeting Something Corporate front-man Andrew McMahon just 2 months ago, so any Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, or Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (the three bands he’s headed up over the years) automatically makes me smile and remember that amazing meet and greet back in February.

For those who aren’t familiar with Andrew, he’s an amazing songwriter and a 2x leukemia survivor. He started the Dear Jack foundation and does amazing things to help young people whoa re fighting for or recovering from cancer.

I have always idolized Andrew as a writer, and getting to tell him how much his words meant to me this year was something I’d been dreaming about for a long time.

I’m so glad I got to meet him in person and will probably always remember that moment when I hear any of his songs.

Getting Into You – Relient K

Relient K has a lot of really great songs that are subtly religious.

As a Catholic, I really enjoy the messages behind their songs and how honest they are about every part of being a believer.

This sounds like a love song when you first listen to it, but then when you look a little closer at the lyrics you can see that it’s not about a romantic relationship, but about one with God.

One of my favorite lines from the song is: “You say, ‘I love you and that’s what you are getting yourself into’…I’m going to love you with my life.”

Hands on You – Florida Georgia Line

A few years ago I went on a country music concert cruise; it’s basically a cruise you can go on with a bunch of different country music acts, and it is awesome.

Throughout the cruise there were concerts on the ship happening all day and night; Florida George Line were headlining, so they did three separate performances, including an intimate acoustic set.

I’m a huge fan of this duo, so getting to see them play so many times, and in such close proximity, was a lot of fun.

I still remember them playing this song, among many others, while one of my best friends and I watched from the top deck of the ship.

The cruise was basically a week-long music festival, and every person who attended got to meet FGL, which was kind of the icing on top of the cake for me.

Those are my 10 songs! I think we got a good variety of music in there, and a nice range of sentimental stories as well.

I’ve got a challenge for you: Put your music on shuffle right now and comment below with the first song that comes on.

What does the song mean to you, or what does it bring you back to when you hear it?

I’m always amazed by how much music is woven into my memories and the different parts of my life.

Music and lyrics have always meant a lot to me, and there are certain songs that just make me feel comforted, or motivated, or remind me of really hard times that I’ve gotten through.

It’s fun putting on old songs and seeing what they stir up in you, and I really enjoyed this post.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my day 11 post! 🙂 ❤

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What’s in My Carry-On

Hi all,

I’m a big fan of traveling, and I try to go to at least two new places every year.

When flying, I try to pack as lightly as possible, but still make sure I have everything I need.

This applies to both my checked bag and my carry-on luggage.

I try to keep my carry-on small, because I prefer to keep it with me at my seat rather than in one of the overhead bins.

I also try to keep it light so that I can move around the airport easily and am not stuck lugging around a huge, heavy bag.

Here’s a glimpse of the carry-on I’ve been using to travel lately, and the key items that I keep inside whenever going on a trip.

Kate Spade Bag

Kate Spade Botanical Satchel: I used this adorable nylon bag throughout my entire trip to California last month.

It’s the perfect size for a carry-on as well as an everyday purse when exploring a city like Los Angeles.

iPad: I admittedly don’t use my iPad as often as I should, but it definitely comes in handy when I’m going to be sitting on a long flight.

I’ll usually add some movies or music to my iPad to keep me entertained during my trip, and I have a few other games that I can play on it without Wi-Fi if I get bored.

Bluetooth Headphones: Because my iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack, I always make sure to bring wireless headphones with me.

Most pairs link via Bluetooth and are very comfortable/stay in your ears well.

I use the same pair for travel and for running, and I haven’t had any trouble with them.

Baby Lips: I’ve already professed my love for Baby Lips in my What’s in My Purse post, so of course I keep a tube or two in my carry-on, as well!

For those who haven’t read my previous post, Baby Lips is my go-to Chapstick alternative, and comes in a variety of great colors.

Books: Again, I’ve discussed my love for books in several previous posts, so it should come as no surprise that I refuse to travel without some reading material.

I usually bring whatever book(s) I’m reading at the time plus one more, but I’m always secretly hoping I’ll finish every book I have with me so I’ll have an excuse to pick up a new one at the airport bookstore. 😉

Top | Joggers

Extras: I tend to keep some extra clothes with me in case my luggage gets lost, because who wants to be stuck without their luggage AND without something comfy to wear?

My favorite emergency outfit consists of a basic tee and the comfiest joggers ever from New York & Company.

I don’t just save these for my carry-on, I own the joggers and matching hoodie in several different colors because they are soo soft and cute.

Water and Snacks: Water is my drink of choice, always and forever, and I like to bring some snacks for the plane ride.

My favorites are plain m&ms and something salty to balance out the sweet; last trip I went with Buffalo Wing flavored Pretzel Crisps (so good).

Phone Charger: The last thing I keep in my carry-on is my phone charger.

Once again, if my luggage gets lost I don’t want to be without a charged phone in addition to everything else.

That’s pretty much all of the extra stuff I keep in my carry-on, aside from the essentials like my wallet and phone, of course.

I try to keep it light and only bring things I need, while covering emergency items and entertainment for my plane ride.

What additional things do you keep in your carry-on bag? Do you keep a small one with you or a big bag with a lot of other items?

Share with me in the comments below, and happy carrying-on! 🙂 ❤