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My Top 5 Travel Destinations

Hey everyone,

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling in my life, but there are still so many places I want to see!

I’m narrowing it down to the top 5 places I’ve never been, but want to go to.

Here they are!

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I’ve been dying to go to Alaska since I was 18 years old. My husband and I are planning to go this year, and I can’t wait to check this one off of my list! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the amazing views and the parts of nature unchanged by man. I’m also really hoping we’ll get to see the Northern Lights when we go.

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New Zealand
On of my college professors spent her honeymoon in New Zealand and I loved hearing about all of the adventures she and her husband went on there. It seems like such a gorgeous and exciting place. I like to be as active as possible when traveling, and that likely wouldn’t be a problem for me at all in New Zealand.

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Glacier National Park
You may be noticing a trend here…when I travel, I’m not just looking for warm weather or beaches to lounge on; I’m all about the views and what type of nature will be there. Glacier National Park in Montana looks absolutely breathtaking, and I’d love to hike there someday in the future.

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Banff National Park
Most of us have probably seen that iconic Instagram shot in front of the water at Banff. That is where I first found out about this amazing park in Alberta, Canada, but it’s not the only reason I really want to visit it one day. One of my coworkers goes there regularly to ski and it sounds perfect for winter sports as well as hiking and canoeing. I’ve never been to Canada, but this is for sure my top Canadian destination.

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My husband’s family used to go to Aruba every year, so I’m still trying to convince him to take me. I’ve heard from so many people that Aruba is amazing and that the beaches are unlike anywhere else. Even though I like to stay active on my vacations, I’m definitely not against spending some time on these beautiful beaches.

What destinations are at the top of your list?

Have you visited any of the places I mentioned above?

Make me envious by commenting below about how awesome your trips were!

Until tomorrow…<3 🙂


Who I Want to Have Dinner With, Alive or Dead

Three people you’d invite to dinner

Hey friends,

In today’s post I’m talking about my ideal dinner party guests.

These are three people who I’d most love to have dinner with, if given the chance.

Taylor Swift

If you haven’t caught onto this already, I love Taylor!

She is one of my all-time favorite writers and I think she’s both very smart and talented.

I would love to just have a normal conversation with her and pick her brain on the common interests we share, such as writing and finding true love.

My father-in-law

My husband’s dad passed away before I got the chance to meet him, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to just sit and talk with him.

Based on the stories I’ve heard about him and how loved he was by those who knew him, I know he was a sharp, kind, and all-around wonderful person.

He will always be on the top of my list as far as people I wish I’d met in my lifetime.

Zelda Fitzgerald

It’s hard to decide who gets this third spot, but I need to give it to Zelda.

I am so fascinated by the lives and relationship of the Fitzgeralds, and though I prefer Scott’s writing out of the two, I think I would rather meet his wife.

She seems to have been such a headstrong and interesting woman, even if the face of everything she dealt with.

I’d love to hear their stories from her point of view, and see what she was really like in person.

This post is about who I’d like to have dinner with, dead or alive, but I really just chose the three people I want to spend time with the most.

All three of the people I mentioned above are people I admire and who I feel could teach me a lot about life and love.

Even if I will never get the chance to know these people, I’m lucky enough to have their words and the legacies they left/will leave behind to inform and inspire me.

Thanks for reading this post. I’m excited for tomorrow’s, since it will mark the halfway point of my April blogging challenge!

See you then. 😊♥️


My Favorite Tea Flavors

Hi all,

This post is for all of my fellow tea lovers.

I find tea such a comforting and enjoyable drink, and I usually have it throughout my day.

It’s the perfect companion for a cold commute to work, a relaxing evening cuddled up with a book, and everything in between.

Since I drink so much tea, I’ve tried a lot of different flavors.

My favorites change often, but I wanted to share a few that I highly recommend.

Green Tea with Turmeric

I try to drink at least one cup of green tea every day because of the health benefits, but I also just love the taste of it.

There are so many different varieties, but lately my favorite has been green tea with turmeric.

Since I work out a lot, I’m always trying to find ways to decrease inflammation in my body, and turmeric is great for that.

The Bigelow Benefits version has some other nice flavors like chili thrown in, which adds a little bit of a kick.

I love having this tea towards the beginning of my work day (~10/11am) because I feel like it gives me a nice jolt, and since I don’t drink coffee this bit of caffeine gives me a nice boost of energy.

Green Tea with Mint
Another green tea that I love is green tea with mint.

There are a lot of different brands that make this, and all of the ones I’ve tried are pretty good.

Right now, the one I like best is from Pollin8.

The flavor is great and the packaging of this tea is so cute, regardless of what flavor you choose.

I got the Eternitea version right after I got married, and each bag has a cute love quote or song lyric on it. So sweet.

You can also order your own personalized tea bags from them, which make adorable gifts!

This was the first Pollin8 product that I tried but I will definitely be going back for more.

Berry Fusion
Blueberry tea is one of my favorites, but for some reason not many supermarkets carry it.

I was recently scouring the aisles of ShopRite when I came across this Twinnings Berry Fusion tea.

I decided to give it a shot and am so glad I did!

The fruity flavor comes through really well and it’s simply delicious.

It’s a great mix of a few different berry flavors and they are all wonderfully pleasant and in harmony with one another in every sip.

Cinnamon Vanilla
Yogi is one of my favorite brands of tea, because it calls out the specific benefits of each blend and includes a nice quote with each bag (I’m really into the details, in case you haven’t noticed yet).

The Yogi Cinnamon Vanilla is a classic that I always find myself going back to, and it promote healthy skin, which is always a plus in my book.

This tea has a very smooth flavor, and I find the mix of cinnamon and vanilla soothing.

This is one of my go-tos while watching tv after a stressful workday or getting settled down before bed.

This will likely not be my last tea post because, as I mentioned, I drink it all the time.

My husband and I are into trying new flavors, and he’ll frequently come home with a new tea for us to try out.

I’ll keep you updated on any great new flavor discoveries, but in the meantime I’d love to get some recommendations from you!

Please chime in below with your favorite tea flavors.

And, as always, thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.

I hope to see you again soon! 🙂 ❤

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My Best and Worst Traits

Hi everyone,

Part of my goal with this blogging challenge, and this blog in general, is to let you guys get to know me better.

Today I’m taking a look inward and thinking about what my best and worst traits are.

These are based on self-observation, as well as things I’ve heard from others time and time again.

It’s not easy to point out to an entire virtual universe of strangers what your worst qualities are (or your best ones if you are a modest person), but I’ve done it and I’m ready to share with you all.

My best and worst traits are that I am…

Empathetic: I’ve always been very good at seeing things from other people’s point of views and understanding what others might be feeling.

I think it might be due to the fact that I got interested in reading at a young age, which exposed me to a broad range of emotions and got me used to looking at things through the eyes of so many different storytellers.

I see this as a positive trait because it helps me communicate better with others and sometimes it helps me to know what my loved ones need and exactly when they need it.

I look at empathy as a deep emotional understanding of others, and it’s something that I think is important to develop and use regularly.

Selfless: This is likely driven by my empathy, but I consider myself to be a pretty selfless person.

I enjoy doing things for others and I have no problem sacrificing certain things in my own life if I feel it will make the people I care about happier or better off.

I think another reason why I am able to practice selflessness is because I also have like-minded people in my life who make sure I am taken care of.

A challenge for selfless people is that they get too caught up in making others happy and they forget to check in with themselves or do things to promote their own happiness, so I’m grateful that my husband, family members, and friends look out for me and, therefore, give me the ability to do the same for them.

Driven: I am not really an aggressive person, but I am absolutely a go-getter, and I often refuse to accept limitations.

I used to think this meant I was stubborn, but I’ve found that it’s actually just determination and has helped me get a lot further in terms of my career and my personal relationships.

I’m generally a soft-spoken person, but my drive keeps me from being a doormat or from being passed over for things, as can sometimes happen to quieter people.

Moody: Clearly this is falling into the “worst traits” category.

I try not to let hormones or mood swings affect me, but it can’t be denied. Sometimes I am just plain moody.

I’ve tried to be more conscious about not taking out stress on other people, but I still haven’t mastered controlling my emotions enough to stop this from happening yet.

It’s definitely a challenge and something I’m continuing to work on improving.

Perfectionist: This one isn’t all bad, but it does cause me to put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and, at times, others.

I get so obsessed with making sure things are the best they can be that sometimes I push too hard or set unrealistic expectations for myself.

I can’t help but feel like a failure when I don’t execute things flawlessly, but I’m practicing giving myself a bit of a break here and there.

I do think that constantly striving for improvement can be a positive thing, and I try to let my perfectionism feed my drive and make my work better, without letting it completely take over my view of things.

Closed off: I’ve always been a very private person and tend to keep my emotions bottled up inside.

Sometimes I think this helps me because I can keep from getting overly emotional about things, but it can also be really bad when I let things build up too much and try to handle the burden of everything I’m dealing with completely on my own.

I’ve actually been forcing myself to open up more in a work setting, which is something I never thought would be a good idea.

Just this afternoon I opened up to my supervisor for the first time about things that have been bothering me and affecting my attitude at work, and I’m so glad I talked to him about it.

I felt so much better just having gotten these things off my chest and I felt optimistic about the future knowing that my concerns were really being heard.

One thing that I noticed as I was writing this is that a lot of the traits I consider to be my “best” could actually become bad things if taken too far, and a lot of my “worst” traits have benefited me in some way in the past.

I think the key to being a successful, kind, and grounded person is just finding balance within yourself.

Do some self-reflection and be honest with yourself about good and bad traits that you have.

Once you’ve discovered those traits, think of how they can be used to your advantage or how you can challenge yourself to become a better person either because, or in spite of, them.

When I set out to write this post, it was just another item on my list of things to complete this month.

I didn’t think that I’d actually learn about myself, or about the philosophy of who we are as people in general.

I’ve really enjoyed this one and I hope that my insights can be useful or even inspirational to anyone who reads this.

It’s only day 3 of my blogging challenge but I’m now even more excited to keep going with this, because it will be interesting to see how I can grow throughout the process and what I might find out about myself along the way.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see my day 4 post. ❤ 🙂

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just about 6 weeks away, so it’s a great time to start thinking about what to get your mom, grandma, and any other maternal figure you want to celebrate this May 12th!

Moms do so much for us; most of the time without getting a lot of recognition or praise.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation and your love for your mom, and to find that perfect gift that makes her feel special.

Here are some great gift suggestions, at a range of different prices.

Happy shopping and an early Happy Mother’s Day to you and all of the wonderful moms in your life!

A personalized keepsake: Over the years I’ve given my mom tons of gifts like this.

It’s a great idea because there are so many different things you can choose from and you can really get creative with the personalization.

Decorative pillows or framed prints with her favorite quote or a message you write yourself make for lovely gifts.

If you’re not as into words, put a picture of the two of you onto a useful household item, such as a pot holder, magnet, or throw blanket.

A foot spa: Moms rarely ever have time for themselves—especially new moms. My best friend just had a baby in October so I bought her this at home foot bath.

Not only will it help moms feel pampered and relaxed, it’s also a great excuse for them to take some time for themselves without having to leave the house or pay for a spa visit.

An insulated mug: My mom is obsessed with coffee, but she always ends up having to put her morning cup in the microwave after getting distracted with work and other things that come up.

This year, I got her the Yeti Insulated Coffee Mug, which comes with its own cover.

It keeps coffee (or another hot drink of choice) from getting cold while moms have to step away and tend to other things.

Her favorite things: Put together a little basket containing your mom’s favorite makeup, hair products, or anything else she uses on a regular basis.

Add tissue paper, glitter, ribbon, and other decorative elements to pretty it up.

A cozy robe and slippers: What woman doesn’t love those treasured few moments during and after the shower that we have to ourselves?

Make this little daily escape extra luxurious for your mom by gifting her a super soft, fluffy robe and a plush pair of slippers that feel like heaven every time she puts them on.

A recipe book or box: It might be cliché, but a lot of moms do love to cook and bake!

Why not give your mom a beautiful keepsake that she can use to keep track of her best recipes?

If you really want to surprise her, get the book started by filling in some recipes (either ask her for them or add ones of hers you might already know).

You can even add pictures of the relatives who originally created the recipes, events where your mom has previously made those meals, or just pictures of your family…or cook and photograph the meals yourself to include in the book!

A monthly subscription service: This is another one I’ve tried that has been really successful.

There are so many subscription boxes and products these days, so it should be easy to find one that is appropriate for your mom.

A lot of them have different subscription lengths to choose from too, so if your budget is a little lower you can choose a nice box that only gets sent for 3-6 months in a row.

I recently bought my mom a 6-month subscription to MixCups, so she got a variety pack of K-cups (I’m not kidding, she’s coffee-obsessed!) sent to her doorstop every month.

She loved getting a surprise in the mail each month and trying out the new flavors.

A day out: Sometimes all moms want is to be able to spend time with their children.

Planning a girls’ day for the two of you might be more touching to your mom than any other material gift.

Get your nails done, go out to lunch, have some afternoon cocktails, or go see a play!

The possibilities for this one are endless, and can be tailored to your mom’s own personal interests.

The only thing that matters is that it’s something the two of you will do together.

I hope this sparked some great ideas about how you can make Mother’s Day even more special for your mom, grandma, mom-friends, or anyone else you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day.

Comment below with any additional gift ideas you have, and anything you plan on doing for Mother’s Day.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂 ❤