Four Delicious Comfort Foods

Hi all,

I’m on my way to a late lunch, so thought I’d make today’s post about some of my favorite comfort foods!

I think there are different things that can make something qualify as a comfort food.

It’s not only about the taste or the ingredients; for me, it’s also about the feeling I associate with a certain dish or the memories that arise when I’m eating, or even smelling, it.

Here are four my favorite comfort foods, with some of the best recipes I’ve found linked.

Macaroni and cheese

I think this is a comfort food for most people. I love the five-cheese variation of the recipe linked here.

It’s so gooey, warm, and delicious. My husband requested that I make this for his birthday this year, which was just a couple of weeks ago, and it was just as good as the first time we made it together.

Beef stew

My cousin makes a great stovetop beef stew, but I also love the slow cooker version. This stew reminds me of snow days, and of long afternoons spent at home with the slow cooker on and this cooking in the background. Even though I’ve eaten it on many other occasions, this stew always reminds me of lazy days and the contentment of not having to go anywhere or do anything besides relax and enjoy a good meal.

Loaded potato soup

This is one of my favorite winter meals, but I’ll eat it without a single complaint in the warmer months, too! I love making this at home and it’s just a hearty, tasty meal. I always feel satisfied and the perfect level of full after having this soup.

Penne vodka

This will always be one of my favorite meals.

The best version I’ve had was at a restaurant in the town where my parents live, but sadly it closed a few years ago.

Being Italian and having a former chef as a mother, penne vodka brings back a lot of happy memories for me, and I’m reminded of my family every time I eat it.

I do have my own family vodka sauce recipe, which I will probably post at some point in the future.

Would you be interested in seeing some of my own variations of these yummy comfort foods?

Comment below to let me know what you think.

And I hope you all enjoy this sunny Spring Saturday! 😊☀️♥️


My Favorite Tea Flavors

Hi all,

This post is for all of my fellow tea lovers.

I find tea such a comforting and enjoyable drink, and I usually have it throughout my day.

It’s the perfect companion for a cold commute to work, a relaxing evening cuddled up with a book, and everything in between.

Since I drink so much tea, I’ve tried a lot of different flavors.

My favorites change often, but I wanted to share a few that I highly recommend.

Green Tea with Turmeric

I try to drink at least one cup of green tea every day because of the health benefits, but I also just love the taste of it.

There are so many different varieties, but lately my favorite has been green tea with turmeric.

Since I work out a lot, I’m always trying to find ways to decrease inflammation in my body, and turmeric is great for that.

The Bigelow Benefits version has some other nice flavors like chili thrown in, which adds a little bit of a kick.

I love having this tea towards the beginning of my work day (~10/11am) because I feel like it gives me a nice jolt, and since I don’t drink coffee this bit of caffeine gives me a nice boost of energy.

Green Tea with Mint
Another green tea that I love is green tea with mint.

There are a lot of different brands that make this, and all of the ones I’ve tried are pretty good.

Right now, the one I like best is from Pollin8.

The flavor is great and the packaging of this tea is so cute, regardless of what flavor you choose.

I got the Eternitea version right after I got married, and each bag has a cute love quote or song lyric on it. So sweet.

You can also order your own personalized tea bags from them, which make adorable gifts!

This was the first Pollin8 product that I tried but I will definitely be going back for more.

Berry Fusion
Blueberry tea is one of my favorites, but for some reason not many supermarkets carry it.

I was recently scouring the aisles of ShopRite when I came across this Twinnings Berry Fusion tea.

I decided to give it a shot and am so glad I did!

The fruity flavor comes through really well and it’s simply delicious.

It’s a great mix of a few different berry flavors and they are all wonderfully pleasant and in harmony with one another in every sip.

Cinnamon Vanilla
Yogi is one of my favorite brands of tea, because it calls out the specific benefits of each blend and includes a nice quote with each bag (I’m really into the details, in case you haven’t noticed yet).

The Yogi Cinnamon Vanilla is a classic that I always find myself going back to, and it promote healthy skin, which is always a plus in my book.

This tea has a very smooth flavor, and I find the mix of cinnamon and vanilla soothing.

This is one of my go-tos while watching tv after a stressful workday or getting settled down before bed.

This will likely not be my last tea post because, as I mentioned, I drink it all the time.

My husband and I are into trying new flavors, and he’ll frequently come home with a new tea for us to try out.

I’ll keep you updated on any great new flavor discoveries, but in the meantime I’d love to get some recommendations from you!

Please chime in below with your favorite tea flavors.

And, as always, thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.

I hope to see you again soon! 🙂 ❤